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Ashley developed an interest in photography when her father let her play with his old film camera as a child. This led to her developing a passion for beautiful photos. Photography became a hobby in her life until she was able to take official classes in college. She got a job working as both a sports and newspaper photographer for Dixie State University, but graduated to pursue a career in healthcare, although she never gave up her love of photography and continued doing it as a side job.
Last year, as a wife and mother of two children, Ashley decided to finally pursue photography as a full time career so she could have creative freedom once again, and be more available to her husband and kids.
Her favorite thing about photography is having breathtaking scenery or architectural space and placing a beautiful bride and groom beneath it. In the past year, she has worked with twenty five clients, and specializes in wedding and engagement photos, although she is available for more.
  • Emma Atkinson

    "Photos were one of the most important things to me about our wedding, and I couldn't be happier with the photographer we chose!

    The dress I chose was much longer than my legs haha, I was constantly tripping over it- Ashley was always there to help pull the many layers of fabric out from under my feet. She was much more than just a photographer for our wedding, she turned into a friend I could lean on throughout the evening.

    Thank you Ashley, you're amazing!"
  • Adri Jensen

    "Ashley was great to work with! She got on a call with me a few days before the wedding to make sure we were on the same page with the different photos I wanted taken. She took a lot of different pictures at the reception so we had lots of pictures to choose from. I recommend her!"
  • Jose Santos

    "I can't rant and rave how good Ashley is. She captured the moment in every photo she took. I cried when I saw the photos. I couldn't believe how great she was. She is our families photographer from now on. Very talented lady with an eye of perfection ♥️"
  • Becca Spackman

    "Ashley is seriously THE BEST! I was so nervous about finding a photographer that would work for me because I don't feel that I am a very photogenic person. However Ashley was just the one I needed to make me feel comfortable and bring out the fun to make it not feel like it was pictures, but just a day of hanging out! I would recommend her to ANYONE!"
  • Maria Salvador

    "Ashley Dawn has an outstanding work ethic, besides she’s very friendly, personable and easy to deal with. She’s a hard working woman and goes above and beyond to retain every magic moment through her lenses!! I’m really pleased with the pics, one after another tells a story of beauty and perfect angles, the right colors of day light or sunset. She is just fabulous!! From now on she’s my photographer, no doubt. Thanks Ashley for capturing wonderful moments of my life!"
  • Carin Maughan

    "Ashley is quite literally one of the sweetest women I have ever met. She was so patient with changing scheduled because of COVID, and she captured so many beautiful moments that I never would've seen as the bride if it had not been for her. I loved her energy and the love she has for photography shows through the beautiful photos she captures. I appreciated that she not only got the photos that we wanted but was also gave us ideas for more poses. She is truly a wonderful photographer both because of her photos but also because of her relationship with her clients. 10 out of 10 would recommend Ashley Dawn photo ☺️"
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